Half to Whole: 003 - Shop handmade from BIPOC Makers! The first roundup.

About a week ago we asked you on Instagram to help guide us towards some amazing Black and Indigenous Makers and Artists and you sure delivered! I am blown away by all of the talent that is in the Maker space and am proud to be a part of it! I wanted to put those Makers you suggested into a permanent space versus only being on our stories for 24 hours. Their work deserves to be referenced to again, and again, and again.

This is not an extensive list by any means. I hope as we go along with this blog we can do future round up posts because BIPOC business shouldn’t just be supported on one day because Instagram told you so. BIPOC businesses need to be shopped at as a normal part of your everyday life. In order to help shift things towards true equality we have to put our money where our mouth is. Before you set out to buy a new product do a quick search on the ye olde google machine to see if you can find a business owned by a Back or Indigenous entrepreneur - and if not, check to see what that company stands for. Is it owned by a non-BIPOC POC (that’s me for example!)? Do they stand in solidarity for Black Lives Matter? What do they stand for if it’s not obvious from their website or social media? Where you spend your dollars matter. It matters a LOT.  

To read more on the racial wealth gap I recommend these articles to get you started. Again - do your own research and education beyond these links.



Some of the wording is out of date in how the authors refer to all people but I’ll leave this as encouragement for you to do further learning into inclusive wording and how BIPOC/POC prefer to be called. 

And now! On to our first round up of amazing BIPOC business you can support now! 

Cedar and Sage Macrame - Instagram @cedarandsagemacrame - Website not available yet but you can order though her Instagram DM’s

Kokum Scrunchies - Instagram @kokum_scrunchies - Website https://kokomscrunchies.ca 

Emily’s Beading - Instagram @emilys_beading - Website not available yet but you can order though her Instagram DM’s 

Beam Paints - Instagram @beampaints - Website https://beampaints.myshopify.com 

Nusmata - Instagram @nusmata_ - Website not available yet but you can order though their Instagram DM’s/email

Checckbone Beauty - Instagram @cheekbonebeauty - Website https://cheekbonebeauty.ca

Starstation - Instagram @starstation.etsy - https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/starstation

Jamie Gentry Designs - Instagram @jamiegentrydesigns - www.jamiegentrydesigns.com

Beading by Nick - Instagram @beadingbynick - No website available, buy directly by claiming on the products posts on his Instagram page

Sarah Jim Studio - Instagram @sarahjimstudio - Website https://www.sarahjimstudio.com

Wild Ivy Bows - Instagram @wildivybows - Website www.etsy.com/shop/wildivybows

Golden Eagle Gifts, Brick and Mortar Store in Port Alberni, BC - No Instagram or website but you can find them in person or on Facebook @goldeneaglegifts

Zen Lion Design - Instagram @zenlion - Website https://zenliondesign.ca

Cristy’s Jewelry Designs - Instagram @christysjewelrydesigns - Website www.cristysjewelry.etsy.com

Thank you so much to everyone who responded! It has sent me down a rabbit hole of creative searching and I keep finding more and more wonderful Black and Indigenous Makers who are putting their hearts and souls into their products. I hope you find value in this list and please for the next celebration you want to buy a gift for I encourage you with all my passion to buy from one of these shops.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day full of Anti-Racism actions!

 ~ Tehani

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