Half to Whole: 002 - This Week's Action Plan

My action plans for this week that help support BIPOC voices and businesses:  

  1. Finish reading ‘The Fire Next Time’ by James Baldwin and pass it on to my mom to read next.
  2. Complete Spiritual Activism 102 online through Rachel Ricketts.
  3. Reallocate some of my monthly business expenses to BIPOC owned businesses. This week I am specifically looking for sewing patterns created by Black designers.

Let's stay accountable together.

What actions can you take this week that help support your Anti-Racism education and help keep the Black Lives Matter movement going strong?

My mindset is long-term. I am not trying to overhaul my entire business in a month but slowly work towards building an inclusive and safe space within my platform and small shop for the L O N G term. For my point #3 my end goal is to have 30% of my business expenses going to BIPOC owned businesses (and in my personal spending too!). This kind of goal takes time and redistributing money into these businesses will help even the playing field for all. I attended an online town-hall hosted by Rachel Rodgers a couple weeks back and many of us signed an Anti-Racism Small Business Pledge for each of our organizations and this was one of the points that we promised to work towards and I think its something that all of us, not just business owners, should try to be aware of and practice.  

Where are your dollars going each month?  

What type of companies and people are you supporting?  

Where do those dollars ultimately end up?  

Are you helping line the campaign pockets for Trump?  

Are you supporting someone who’s participating in cultural appropriation?  

Are you supporting Black and Indigenous families and communities with your spending?  

If you’d like to watch the replay of the Hello 7 Town Hall I highly recommend it, especially if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. There was 6 different speakers who all brought amazing highlights to the conversation and movement. While you’re on their website check out the resources Rachel offers along with her podcast for some educational listening. You can find it all here https://helloseven.co

If you are interested in taking an Anti-Racism course or webinar to further your education then I suggest you go for it! The work is actual WORK so get to it. I am personally starting with Rachel Ricketts’ webinars and have already completed Spiritual Activism 101 and am doing 102 this week. There are lots of Anti-Racism educators out there you can learn from and I plan on learning from lots of them as I go along but wanted especially to support a Black Anti-Racism educator from Canada first. Even though I’ve only completed the 101 course so far it’s already started a mass amount of healing for me as a mixed-POC. Her website also hosts a TON of useful articles and resources on Anti-Racism and Grief and you can check it out here https://www.rachelricketts.com 

I’d like to note that I am not affiliated or sponsored in any way by these 2 amazing womxn and genuinely have gained so much value and knowledge from them both in a short amount of time. I hope these 2 links provide you with just as much learning and healing as it has for me. One of the things I've heard from White Folx on the topic of Anti-Racism lately is "I'm so overwhelmed and just don't know where to start" so here ya go - start with an online course and some reading. Do the work.

My call to action to YOU: Head to my latest Instagram post over at @napping.wolf and tell me what your action is this week to support your Anti-Racism education and/or raise up BIPOC voices and issues. Even if it’s just one small thing I’d like to hear from you. Are you experiencing barriers to take action? If so share those too and maybe we can help each other out. 

 Thank you for reading and I’m excited to hear from you all soon! 

~ Tehani

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